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Pro Player HD Academy

Pro Player HD Academy

Elementary (grade 6-8), Secondary (grade 9-12)
Start Date:
September 28, 2021
End Date:
May 26, 2022
Program Description:

Pro Player HD Academy

This year SJ Pro Player HD will run from September through to May and offers an opportunity for players to work on their individual skills with professional hockey skill coaches 3 days a week, following a structured curriculum in a fun learning environment.  Each week focuses on new skills, which cover all areas of the game that are typically not worked on in team practices. Tuesdays are dedicated to skating technique, Wednesdays are positional (forward / defense) and Thursday will cover shooting and stickhandling.  

We have had great success over the years and have been very fortunate to see growth in both the players skill set and maturity.  We look forward to seeing our returning players as well as any new players added to the group.

Pro Player HD benefits:

9 month program

grade 6-8 before school program

3 days a week skill development

Professional support and feedback

monthly scrimmages to practice new skills

special training days

video reviews

positive and challenging learning environment

personalized payment plans

HD Academy


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